Pyck is a python library for creating particle packings to be used in numerical methods. Primarily designed with SPH in mind, pyck is general such that it would be suitable for any particle method or solver.

Packing algorithms are processed using OpenMP in C++, while a python frontend is provided via SWIG.

This Website
This site served two purposes.
  • Finally set up a proper website for myself.
  • A good oppurtunity to become more familiar with Express and Heroku.
Written during my PhD, LBM-C is a CUDA based lattice boltzmann solver for simulating fluid dynamics.

Developed for the Bloodhound SSC outreach program, AeroDoodle is a tool for teaching fluid dynamics.

Computation in AeroDoodle is carried out on the GPU via WebGL shaders using the approach devised by Mariano Chouza.


dbuild is a commandline tool used to automate the generation of linux installation packages for any number of linux distributions

Written with javascript, dbuild handles the instantiation of docker containers, installation of package depenedencies, and execution of package generation scripts.

CPU version of LBM-C. This port of LBM-C uses OpenMP to achieve a parallel LBM simulation, the core functionality of LBM-C is essentially the preserved.
Research Speed Dating

Web app created for MIT Civil and Enviornmental Engineering's Research Speed Dating event. Audience members used the app to review the agenda. The app was also used to create an informational display, complete with QR codes linking to the current speakers website