Lobster Hangers


My wife is completely obsessed with lobsters, it's become the go-to gift for anyone struggling to think of something to get her. While struggling before valentines day, I realised she needed more hangers, but was well aware that hangers aren't a particularly romantic gift. I solved that by adding a lobster engraving which I knew she would appreciate.

The shape of the hangers wasn't particularly well suited to the CNC mill we have at the Cambridge Hackspace. So first I engraved some small 5mm thick maple rectangles. I then filed and sanded the back of the rectangles until they sat flush on the hangers, where I attached them with wood glue.

My initial intention was to stain the lobster engraving red. However this didn't work so well for two reasons. The stain would run along the wood grains, and buffing ended up smearing the stain everywhere. At the time I had a red sharpie on the table so decided to try that, the result worked pretty well!